VAT Registration in the Czech Republic and the EU

Do you need to become a VAT payer in the Czech Republic or another European country? We can register you for VAT and provide all subsequent professional and administrative services. 
Our clients particularly seek out and appreciate this service. It saves them time and money

We register and further serve foreign VAT payers in the Czech Republic as well as Czech entities in other European Union member states. We represent clients professionally and flexibly, in the busiest EU member states without the need for further foreign services.

We also provide other continuous processing of value-added tax returns or corresponding reports both in the Czech Republic and abroad

Contact us! We provide these services at very advantageous prices.

Our specialist department, whose experts speak eight European languages, can provide everything without the need for meetings in person. Write to us by e-mail at or call us on +420 485 228 336 or +420 485 228 335.

"We also arrange VAT refunds in EU states"

We are also able to resolve complicated cases of tax refunds requiring consultancy with foreign specialists and communication with foreign tax authorities.
Take a look at the current VAT rates in European countries. Select from the map.

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