VAT Refunds in EU Countries

We Refund VAT in European Union Countries for Goods and Services!

We deal with your administratively and professionally demanding VAT refund claims from abroad. We save on both time and administration and thanks to our experience you will not lose your claims due to lack of knowledge of foreign regulations and customs.

On business trips around the EU you spend money on hotels, fuel, exhibitions and trade fairs. Minor expenses add up, and a host of companies fail to realise that they are losing significant amounts of money. VAT can be reclaimed and it is not expensive. 
It is important to know precisely which transactions money can be reclaimed from. Answer 7 questions in our VAT refund claims test.

Submitting a VAT refund application on the Ministry of Finance portal is only the beginning of your work. We arrange subsequent communication with tax administrators in their official language. We also take care of very unusual requirements resulting from varying procedural and substantive legislation. The representation of clients itself is ensured by our experts, who have long-standing experience with cross-border VAT issues in the EU.

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