Tax Consultancy for Large Businesses

Our team of tax advisers in Liberec deals with the diverse needs of our many large clients throughout the Czech Republic and abroad. It also provides methodical support for the entire KODAP group. Its members are specialists in the fields of income tax, VAT and other kinds of tax. We also place demands on high professionalism and added value for the client in communications with financial authorities and other institutions.  

Besides ordinary tax consultancy or processing of income tax returns, our clients also turn to us with requests for tax assessments for investment projects, capital transactions, mergers, demerger and other transformations. We also provide assessments and documentation of transfer prices. We further specialise in international tax consultancy, where our clients can draw upon the benefits of our integration into an international network of ETL Global offices.  

Our aim is to prevent problems. We therefore continuously inform our clients of important news, changes, or judicial decisions which have a significant impact on their business.

We are able to meet the needs of both small and large clients. A large number of these are automotive industry suppliers. Our clients appreciate the flexibility and high level of expertise of KODAP specialists.

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