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Our tax and accounting office in Liberec makes our clients' business easier. We know precisely what kind of accounting products you need and what the government requires. With us you will save time, run fewer risks, and receive help in managing your company at a high technological level without unnecessary paperwork. We stand by our clients and provide them with support in both good times and in bad. 

Besides accounting and tax records, we also process payrolls, analyses and various reports. We defend our clients' interests during checks performed by state authorities, represent them and therefore spare them unnecessary stress. Our clients are more effective in their business because they have more time, calm, and reliable information for its management. We keep accounts using a contractual tax consultancy system and thereby provide guarantees based on quality assurance. 

You too can take advantage of our services. We will be happy to tell you more about them in person. You can also write to us with your questions

KODAP's tax and accounting office in Liberec can cope with technological solutions which allow for running a business more efficiently, less paperwork and good long-distance collaboration. At the same time, we are also perfectly accessible to clients in neighbouring towns who prefer contact in person. 

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