The tax consultancy company KODAP, s.r.o. was founded in 1994. Its founder is Vladimír Šnek, who together with a rapidly growing team, founded its spirit and focus on a high level of expertise and benefits for clients. The work of the KODAP team has gained the respect of its clients, many of which have now been making use of its services for over 20 years. Within a short period further subsidiaries of the KODAP group, which take advantage of joint experience and know-how, began to appear in the Czech Republic.
Its current CEO, who has occupied the position since 2010, is Vlastimil Sojka, a tax adviser who has worked for KODAP since 1994. Clients have access to an experienced team of tax advisers and accountants and the professional facilities of other tax advisers, lawyers and auditors belonging to the KODAP group.

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